Wood Waste Grinding

Our primary tool used for wood waste recycling is our track mounted horizontal wood grinder.

All of our equipment is highly mobile and can be configured to fit your specific needs. Based on your desired end-product, we can adjust the sizing of your finished product with our grinder from a very fine grind for compost, mulch and soil amendment to a coarse grind for hog fuel, trail bedding and waste densification.


Don’t waste the resources you already have!

On many projects we process waste material into a product that is either marketable or has a beneficial use on site which saves hauling and disposal fees and if the material is used on site, our process can save money spent on imported materials.

Examples of materials we grind:

  • Stumps, logs and brush
  • Green waste, mulch and compost
  • Nursery and agricultural waste
  • Clean demolition debris
  • Rail ties, pallets and dimensional Lumber
  • Food waste
  • Cardboard or plastic
  • Recycled rubber sports track
  • … and more!

We are limited only by our imagination!